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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Heat and Mass Transfer by R. K. Rajput (ebook)

Book Name:  A Textbook for the students preparing for B.E., B.Tech., B.Sc. Engineering., AMIE, UPSC (Engineering. Services) and GATE Examination.
Author: R K. Rajput

Edition:  Revised
Book Type: PDF eBook

Table of Contents

Basic Concepts
PART-I: Heat Transfer by Conduction
  • Conduction - Steady - State One Dimension
  • General Heat Conduction Equation in Spherical Coordinates
  • Heat Conduction Through Plane and Composite Walls
  • Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Cylinders
  • Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Spheres
  • Critical Thickness of Insulation
  • Conduction - Steady-state Two Dimensions And Three Dimensions
PART-II: Heat Transfer By Convection
  • Introduction To Hydrodynamics
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Characteristic Length or Equivalent Diameter
  • Forced Convection A. Laminar Flow
  • Laminar Flow over a Flat Plate
  • Laminar Tube Flow
  • Introduction
  • Turbulent Tube Flow 
  • Empirical Correlations
  • Free Convection
  • Simplified Free Convection Relations for Air
  • Combined Free and Forced Convection
  • Boiling and Condensation
PART-III: Heat Transfer By Radiation
  • Thermal Radiation - Basic Relations
  • Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces
PART-IV: Mass Transfer
  • Mass Transfer
PART-V: Objective Type Question Bank
  • Index

Link To Download:


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    1. To download Heat and Mass Transfer by R. K. Rajput (ebook)follow this Link:

      Like this page:

    2. Thanks for another link but the book u uploaded is "ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS" and not "HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER" please upload this book "HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER" by R K Rajput if u have it.

    3. This Link is usefull for you to download: HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER" by R K

    4. Yes this is an old edition of HMT by R.K.Rajput still it helps thanks.

  2. Can I get the link to latest edition of heat mass transfer by R.K Rajput

  3. we need heat and mass transfer techmax

    1. techmax publication is not available on internet you can go through this link for rk rajput:

    2. not able to download book by rk rajput

  4. thank you so much engineer u rock!!! rajput is awesome

    1. Ya Mechanical Engineer Always Rocks!!!

  5. any one have refrigeration and air conditioning by rk rajput.
    plz give me link..

  6. thanks for giving the link of rk rajput

  7. Its incomplete , many chapters are missing, plz reupld the full multicolour edition .



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